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Turmeric - 100GM
Turmeric - 100GM Buy-Organic-Turmeric-Powder-Online Turmeric - 500GM Turmeric - All Varieties

Organic Turmeric Powder


Turmeric has been one of the key ingredients of Indian foods. Comprising of most powerful body healing elements, it is an essential of every Indian household. We are playing a significant role to bring pure foods right from farm to table.

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Aalaa brings organic turmeric right from organic farms of Western Ghats. Turmeric is known for immersive health benefits, one of it is digestion booster, blood purification and metabolism. It helps in pacifying pain and inflammation to a greater extent.

The Aalaa turmeric is grown with particular traditional ways that ensure all the nutrients are packed in turmeric. The eminent flavours and high therapeutic values it adds to our foods is incomparable. Aalaa’s organic turmeric is a rich source of iron, calcium and proteins. One should incorporate this turmeric as it has been prominently known for its nutritional, culinary and medicinal benefits.

The Aalaa Organic Turmeric is grown without any adulteration in farms of Westerns Ghats. Free of any chemical sprays and pesticides, this Turmeric is grown in meadows of Nature.

How Aalaa Turmeric is Different from all?

  1. Zero Colouring Agents

  2. Zero Adulteration

  3. Sun-Dried and Powdered

  4. Grown organically in western ghats

  5. Free from chemical pesticides and harmful agents

  6. All traditional practices are used in the growth

  7. Non-irradiated and Non-GMO

Turmeric comes with super nourishing Curcumin. One can enjoy all sort of distinctive flavours of turmeric in their foods. Organic turmeric from Aalaa has been appreciated by organic lovers. It can save your body from all sort of oxidative stress.

Turmeric devoid of any additives, this Aalaa’s Turmeric can boost your health to a newer level. Turmeric can be truly beneficial for students as it improves focus, memory and cognition capabilities. Densely riches by vitamins and minerals, it promotes the perfect formula of well-being.

Health Benefits of Aalaa Turmeric

  • Comprises of Vitamins like Vitamin B6, Niacin, Choline & Riboflavin

  • Numerous minerals like potassium, calcium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc & Magnesium

  • Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents

  • Improves overall body immunity

  • Aids better brain functioning

  • Possible benefits in controlling Cancerous cells

  • Best skincare aid

  • Acts as a Skin lightening agent

  • Often used to cure skin irritation, Acne, Bug bites and other similar condition

Choose the best of turmeric and soothe your health goals. A natural antiseptic and immunity booster makes Aalaa Turmeric most demanded amongst all. Enjoy the Nutrient-rich Soil of Western Ghats from Tamil Nadu and relish your lifestyle. Order your Turmeric online today and we will deliver right at your home.

In Traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda and Siddha, the combination of Honey, Black Pepper and Turmeric helps to boost your immunity and it’s delicious.


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