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Tropical Honey
Tropical Honey (1) Tropical Honey (2) Tropical Honey (3)

Tropical Honey

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A slight dark and opaque is the mysterious colour of famous Tropical honey. Harvested from natural Indian beehives, as a symbol of trust and purity. A slight tint of mossy earth mixed texture with heavy sweetness beholds the real taste of “Tropical Honey”.
At Aalaa, we bring smiles to the customer when they add honey to hearty bread or even toppings on waffles. Tropical honey being primarily made by Indian bees holds a distinctive taste and aroma. Its medicinal benefits are even supported by the 1000 year texts and Ayurveda. The excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties make it the most sought after honey.

What is special about Tropical honey at Aalaa?

• Packed under world-class standards
• Zero additives and colouring agents
• Zero adulteration and processing
• Harvested in natural beehives

Honey is loaded with tons of flavonoids, antioxidants and healing compounds, which if taken regularly would keep metabolism healthy. The right dosage of nectar, pollens and resins collected from medicinal flowers makes “Tropical Honey” a superfood. As per research, this honey has shown positive impacts on ulcers and varied gastronomical disorders.
Tropical honey is especially great for treating skin diseases. Severe acne and blemishes can be well treated with honey. Suffering from bedsores, sunburns and abrasions can be treated with honey as an ointment. The best part of using honey is that if applied on the skin, it can cure skin rashes.

Health benefits of Tropical honey

• Healthy sweetener
• Promotes weight loss
• Provides cough relief
• Boosts energy levels
• A healthy alternative to sugar
• Improves memory and brain functioning
• Antiseptic property
• Promotes skin and health care

Being antiseptic, it prevents the spread of microorganisms on open wounds. Rich medicinal values and equally nutritious has made it popular worldwide. Consuming a few teaspoons of “Tropical Honey” on daily basis will prevent any possible ailment during allergy seasons. As per research, this type of honey has shown promising results in curing the upper respiratory infection.
This honey comes with eminent vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamins like B6, B5, B3 and B2. When consuming honey as a sweetener, it saves sufficient calories for health-freaks. Being loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it can be consumed with numerous dishes.
Organic tropical honey comes with fantastic packaging which helps maintain their distinctive taste. Being cultivated in natural mediums and environment, it possesses all-natural benefits. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bottle of Tropical honey from Aalaa today.

1 review for Tropical Honey

  1. Jaya Devi

    Awesome taste and pure honey. Honey, I was searching for long, finally, I found it on Aalaa. Guys, go for it without giving a second thought. If you go for any other honey in the market, every honey has some specific taste, according to me, it must be the essence. But, this honey is essence free. Even, if you order this honey, every time you will get a different taste. This is proof that this honey is pure because the honey collection and its taste depend on from which flavour honey got collected by bees. So, we get a different taste for different flavor. I will recommend this Aalaa honey for everyone. Cost may be a little higher but, why to pay less for sugar syrup. Thank u so much Aalaa for providing purest honey

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