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Moringa Honey
Moringa Honey (1) Moringa Honey (2) Moringa Honey (3)

Moringa Honey

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Moringa Honey is the new superfood, gaining popularity due to its high nutrients and antioxidants contents. Our Moringa honey collected by bees is harvested from organic Moringa farms, where bees forage nectar of Moringa flowers and store it in the hive in the form of honey. The golden colour and thin consistency are the identification factors for pure Moringa honey. Daily consumption is advised since richness in minerals and vitamins improves overall health.

Our Moringa Honey contains a trace amount of essential amount of fatty acids, primarily omega 3 fatty acids which improves the nervous system and brain functioning. It can be consumed with juices, shakes and even as a post-workout supplement.

What is special about Moringa Floral honey from Aalaa

• Harvested from organic Moringa farms
• High-quality honey
• Rich in medicinal values
• Zero added preservatives and No artificial processes
• Promotes liver functioning
• Pure and unadulterated
• No added sugars and flavours

While ensuring the fragile nature of Moringa flowers, we turn conditions beneficial for bees to forage maximum nectar. Harvesting pure honey is a very hectic process, but our commitment to our customers helps us surpass all difficulties.

Health benefits of Moringa honey

• Minimizes allergy symptoms
• Helps retaining maximum calcium in the body
• Provides relief in rheumatism and arthritis
• Minimizes the effect of ulcers
• Prevents heart diseases and lung cancer
• Antifungal and antibacterial properties
• Improves athletic performances
• Gives a glowing face, when applied on the face
• Heals wounds rapidly due to its antimicrobial nature

Moringa honey when applied on burns, would offer fast relief. Controls and minimizes the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Seasonal allergies and dry cough can be seamlessly controlled through Moringa honey. It consists of essential plant-based proteins and amino acids, significant in post-workout muscle repair. This honey has a mild aroma. Tastes good when consumed with nuts like walnuts, almonds

Being rich in minerals, impacts serotonin levels which certainly help keep the mood cheerful and happy. So just have a teaspoon of Moringa Honey, and be happy for your day. Significantly improves stamina and overall muscle strength. It controls free radical, which improves overall heart condition. Often used as a cosmetic agent with Aloe Vera and Yoghurt, tends to nourish skin pores. It can efficiently clog out dirt and oil from the face skin.

A female suffering from menstrual cramps can use Moringa honey for better relief. Offering better control of liver fibrosis, it is known to improve overall liver health. Being devoid of any additives and processing, grab your jar of organic Moringa honey today from Aalaa.

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1 review for Moringa Honey

  1. Rajasri

    I found Moringa Honey extremely useful for cough. Taking Moringa Honey with Pepper twice a day for just 10 days, gives complete relief. I have now recommended this to my relatives and friends. I have also added this in my diet to enhance my blood haemoglobin level.

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