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Black-Pepper Black Pepper -250 GM Black Pepper -500 GM Black Pepper - All Varieties

Black Pepper


Aalaa brings you the organically grown black pepper that nurtures your health. We are playing a significant role to bring pure foods right from farm to table. Aalaa is a company following traditional old methods that focuses on providing every speckle of black pepper from farms.

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Black pepper is directly sourced from organic farms to ensure quality and freshness. It is often known as the king of spices. The Black pepper we provide has been grown on the Ghats on Western India.

This Black pepper from Aalaa will ignite your taste buds. This organic Black Pepper will leave a special taste in your food. Our special organic growth methodologies help pepper is healthy in all aspects. It is always a perfect add-on in terms of sauces, soups & Vegetables. Black pepper has been the most loved spice out there.

How Aalaa Black Pepper is Different from all?

  1. Grown under the meadows of western Ghats

  2. Grown with traditional farm practices

  3. Zero usage of Pesticides & Chemicals

  4. Zero Colouring Agents

  5. Dried in natural Sunlight

  6. Zero Adulteration

The black pepper at Aalaa provides all sort of digestion and intestinal benefits. It is all-natural and free of pesticides. The black pepper procured by us comprises of all sorts of iron, protein and calcium. Apart from these nutrients, it brings a great variant of benefits. Vitamins, Dietary fibres and other nutrients are other aspects of Black pepper.

It can be truly beneficial for health-conscious. As per data, a 100g serving of Organic Black Pepper offers 0g of trans fat & 0mg of Cholesterol. The calorie count is quite bleak and small as 318. It adds a special taste to your food and stimulates your tongue.

The special proteins in Black pepper enhance your hydrochloric acid secretion leading to improved digestion. The black pepper has travel long from wild forests of Western Ghats.

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

  1. Rich in antioxidants

  2. High anti-inflammatory properties

  3. Improves blood sugar levels

  4. Keep’s check on your Cholesterol

  5. Improves brain functioning

  6. Versatile spice of Indian food

Feel the aroma, taste and purity this black pepper has to offer for yours. Relish upon the sun-dried and naturally grown black pepper. It also helps one to minimise the effect of free radicals, impacting your age growth. Enjoy the king of spices without a bleak concern of pesticides. With zero colouring agent, Aalaa Black pepper stands purest of all-in market.

In Traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda and Siddha, the combination of Honey, Black Pepper and Turmeric helps to boost your immunity and it’s delicious.


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