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Banana Honey

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Banana flower has several health benefits. There are many ways of leveraging the power of banana flowers. One of the best ways to benefit the most is getting honey in the form of Banana Honey.

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This honey is harvested from beehives that are placed over the banana-growing farms. Tamil Nadu is known to have the best banana farms, which paves the way to honey makers to harvest the best quality banana honey. 

At Aalaa, you get high-quality Banana Honey, which is harvested from beehives at the known organic banana-growing farms in Tamil Nadu. Banana Honey at Aalaa has the following features:

  • Free from any synthetic flavors
  • Our honey has less pollen
  • Honey is of good quality with a very sweet taste.
  • It comes with mild aroma and light-color
  • Suitable for kids and adults and you can even consume with medicine and it is effective for weight loss.
  • It is most suitable for face skin and other cosmetic purposes
  • It can be even used as an alternative for table sugar
  • Can be mixed with juices, coffee, tea, and several other foodstuffs
  • It comes from the Indian Bees – Apis Cerana Indica

Benefits of Banana Honey:

Banana Honey provides the nutrients of Banana Flowers in the form of Honey. Hence, Banana Honey at Aalaa taken from Organic Banana Flowers can offer you a wide array of benefits, some of these are as under:

  • It is rich in potassium
  • It helps in relieving you from menstrual problems
  • Effective to treat constipation (Natural laxative)
  • It is rich in Antioxidants
  • It is rich in Iron and thus Prevents Anemia
  • It is proved to be the best supplement for Nursing Mothers
  • It is good for your Skincare

Thus with a slew of benefits attached to Banana Honey, Aalaa becomes your one-stop shop to buy the best quality honey with affordability. Buy Banana Honey with us!!

In Traditional medical systems like Ayurveda and Siddha, the combination of Honey, Black Pepper and Turmeric helps to boost your immunity and it’s delicious.

4 reviews for Banana Honey

  1. Sharmila

    I am from Chennai, I am buying honey from Aalaa for more than one years, They have a lot of Variety
    honey with good health benefits. The quality of the honey is also best.

  2. Aadithya

    If you are looking for Pure raw honey, then it is highly recommended. I used banana and wild,
    both are awesome in taste and quality. I will recommend aalaa for Pure Honey.

  3. Manikandan

    This is the best honey that I have had since I moved on from sugar to honey. It’s not sugary sweet like other honey that I have bought till now. Also the first time I saw honey crystallizing. Only pure honey crystallizes, never seen Dabur Patanjali or other branded honey crystallizing. I will recommend aalaa for Natural Honey.

  4. Krishnan

    I am a regular customer and I find the variety and quality of the product is good. A good place to
    purchase honey. It’s pure and it has a very reasonable price. It is recommended.

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